Median Adult LifeGroups



2017-2018 Sundays
For adults ages 30-40 

New Class Starting January 14th, 2018


Single Moms- Room C-110

Teacher: Kristin Fitzpatrick 

If you are a single mom and have been looking for a way to connect with other single moms at KFBC, then your wait is over. This is a group that meets to study the Bible and share life together.  

An introductory potluck will be held on December 17, 2018 following the 11:00am service in the Refuge.  



The Open Door Of Faith- Room A-104

Teacher: Rick Brodie 

A multi-generational, coed fellowship gathered around the study of God’s Word.  We will study the “Bible Studies for Life” materials and learn to grow together in a relationship to Christ and each other.



In Harmony- Room A-204

Teachers: Justin & Lindsey Bickmore

A couples group for young adults and median adults.  We will begin with Emerson Eggerich’s Love and Respect for a journey through marriage based on Biblical principles.



The Seekers- Room C-103 

Teacher: John McDonald

We are a mixed group of singles and couples seeking a better relationship with The Lord and each other. We pray together, laugh and cry together, and have really bonded in helping each other love and learn about Jesus.



Upward Journey (Women Only)- Room C-110 

Teachers: B.J. Hyatt

The Upward Journey Class is an encouraging, cross generational women’s class that utilizes a video based curriculum from such current Christian leaders as Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, Priscilla Schirer, Jim Cymbala and more! Through dynamic messages and Bible study, we seek to grow together in Christ-likeness, develop deeper friendships with each other and boldly follow God’s calling on each of our lives. Choose to be a continuing part of the class or join us for a specific short term study. Women who are teaching during another Bible study hour are welcome.  



Young Professionals- Room B-210

Teacher: Justin Bickmore

For Ages 18-40 singles either never married or divorced.  A class that bridges the gap between youth/college and full blown adulthood! We will discuss all types of issues and use the scriptures to make God’s will known in our lives! 



Families of Faith- Room A-203

Teacher: Justin Jennings 

We are a group of young couples with families typically having children ranging from infants to teens. We don’t just talk about our faith, we share life with each other, pray for one another, and study God’s Word, together. The ladies in our class have monthly gatherings to share and fellowship. The men like to target shoot, eat, and have fun! We continue to look to grow our class, our relationships, and our walk with our Lord!

Come and visit, we would love to have you! 



Pursuing More of Christ (Women Only)- Room C-108

Teachers: Donna Hewitt And Bobbie Ward

We are a multi-generational adult women’s Bible study who are at various stages in their lives.  Our purpose is to magnify and glorify the Lord.  The pace of study is set by the Spirit of God with an aim to not rush but receive fully the truth presented in each study. Throughout the year, we reach out and minister in our church, as well as to those whom GOD leads us.



All4Him- Room B-200

Teacher: Josh Silveous 

We share life with one another.  Our class offers an open, supportive environment of conversation for all people (typically aged 30’s & 40’s) as we face challenges in today’s world.  We do that by studying and discussing God’s Word, the Bible, and applying what we learn to our lives.  We strive to help each other grow making a positive impact for our members, our families, our church, and our community.  We enjoy social gatherings allowing fellowship with one another.  Come visit us, we would love to have you!



The Breakfast Club- Room A-200 

Teacher: Wes Brewer

We are a diverse group of people who study and apply the word of God to our lives through bible study, fellowship and worship. There are no age limits, marital status or gender. The teacher leads more as a facilitator encouraging open discussion and fellowship. Breakfast is served every Sunday in class. We eat, laugh, learn, sometimes cry together and through our faith celebrate our diversity and unity as believers in Jesus Christ. 



LACE- Ladies After Christ’s Example (Women Only)- Room C-113 

Teacher: Angie Rivers & Karen Lamkin

Married and single women of various ages (25-60’ish). Teaching style is discussion oriented and is designed to equip women for spiritual growth and application of God’s Word in our lives. We are accomplishing this by discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and praying together. As we do this our love for each other as well as for our Lord and others is growing.



Men Under Construction (Men Only)- Room A-205 

Teacher: Skip Lamkin

Men Under Construction is a median age men’s class from all walks of life, from entry level individuals to business owners. We are men who are seeking to grow their faith through the study of God’s Word and accountability to each other.



Challengers- Room A-204 

Teacher: Charlie Strickland

While this class is slated as a class for median age adults, it is a class for all ages! A bible study class where God’s holy word is taught unashamedly and in reverence and awe of the love, mercy, grace, and judgment of God.

Every lesson challenges the class to ‘tell their story’ and reminds them of their accountability to God for making disciples along life’s journey. This is a class that ministers to each other and to those in need. You won’t be disappointed if you plug in to this class. 



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