LifeGroups are Bible study groups and fellowship groups divided by age, gender or stage of life for the purpose of sharing life.  Each group has an approximate age range listed.  The age range is based on the average age of those attending.  Preschool, Children & Students only meet at 9:45am.  Adults have the freedom to join the class of their choice regardless of the listed ages. 


We offer LifeGroups during two of our Sunday morning worship services:  

8:30 am

9:45 am


You may also look up classes by the type of class and age group in the link list below or the navigation link list to the left.    

For adults ages 18-30: Young Adult LifeGroups

For adults ages 30-40:  Median Adult LifeGroups

For adults ages 40-55:  Maturing Adult LifeGroups

For adults ages 55+:  Senior Adult LifeGroups

Or if you would prefer a Women's or Men's class go to the links below.  The ages will be listed with the Lifegroup to best suit your needs.

Women's Adult LifeGroups

Men's Adult LifeGroups 


For more information on the preschool, children, and youth LifeGroup classes go to the pages below.  These class are only offered during the 9:45am services:

Preschool Ministries

Children's Ministries

Student Ministries



Do you want to intensify your study habits?  Build & develop lasting relationships?  Not sure where to begin?  Click on the link below for more information and how to sign up for one, we want to help in this process!